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Ant Control

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Weeds aren’t the only pests trying to rob your lawn of its beauty. Every year, tens of thousands of homeowners in Calgary struggle with a common pest: ants. While there are many different species of ants, Calgary is prone to a select few.

Ants can ruin your picnic, interfere with your children’s playtime, and contaminate the soil under your lawn causing dry and worn conditions. Ant infestations can be difficult to diagnose, that’s why you can rely on Yard Dawgs for our expertise when dealing with these pesky creatures. 

Ant Control in Calgary, Alberta
Ant Control in Calgary, Alberta | Yard Dawgs Lawn Care
Lawn Care Calgary Yard Dawgs Ant Control
Ant Control Calgary | Lawn Care Yard Dawgs

What is Ant Control?

While many insects are important for a beautiful lawn, ants strip your soil from nutrients and cause damage to your lawn’s roots through their hive construction. It’s important to target ants before they spread throughout your lawn or worse: break into your home. 

Yard Dawgs “Anti-Ant” program is done by our certified professionals to help get your lawn back. We use pet and people-friendly solutions to stop ants in their tracks and leave room for a healthier, lush lawn. Our “Anti-Ant” program can protect your home’s foundation, property perimeters, and of course, your lawn!

Yard Dawg's "Anti-Ant" Pest Control


If you order our “Anti-Ant” service and book it with any of our lawn packages, or if you already have a lawn service with us, you’ll receive a FREE SeaKelp lawn application. This service is a blanket spray on your lawn with rich kelp designed to accelerate new growth and assist in lawn fighting against heat and drought. This is a liquid product solution rich with nutrients and helps your lawn chill out when the heat of summer hits! With this service, you can expect your lawn to stay green when your neighbour’s looks dry, and the soil will stay lush and moist even when the sun is beaming down. 

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Ant Control in Calgary, Alberta. Lawn Care Services

The Benefits of Ant Control
in Calgary

Most ant infestations are difficult to rid of and require a trained professional. Some species of ants, such as carpenter ants, can cause significant damage to your home. When ants are eating away at your home, piece by piece, things can become ugly quickly. A carpenter ant infestation means there is a moisture problem. They can infest building materials, such as wood and foam insulation, which makes them a serious threat. 

Pharaoh ants, another common species, may infest your food. Pharaoh ants can build nests in walls. If you try to get rid of the ants on your own, you will need a strong substance that the ants will scatter from. As they are often difficult to shake, Yard Dawgs recommends bringing in a professional.

Yard Dawgs can diagnose what type of ants are infiltrating your home and provide the appropriate solution. Each application with Yard Dawgs comes with a 30-day guarantee or we make it right!