Yard Dawgs Lawn Care Pet Solutions

Does having pets mean settling for a less than lush lawn?

You love your furry friend — they are more than just a companion, they are part of your family! Your pet and lawn don’t always seem like a match made in heaven but they can be. Yard Dawgs believes in creating a healthy and happy lawn that is suitable for all family members. 

We love our lawns for looks and enjoying beautiful spring to summer days.  Your pets love your lawn as a place to play, run around, and do their business. It’s inevitable, your pet needs somewhere to relieve themselves, and that more often than not is your lawn. So how can you prevent and repair your lawn? Learn more from the Yard Dawgs experts! 


Dog urine spots happen because of the high amount of nitrogen and related salts naturally occurring in their urine. Female, small, elderly, and some male dogs squat to urinate leading to “burned” grass in one concentrated area.

Prevention and Repair 

The best method of prevention is to train your dog to relieve themselves in a specific area of the yard. Mulch an area of your landscape with natural wood mulch to create an aesthetic look where your pup can urinate somewhere other than your grass. Associate the area with special treats and lots of praise when they urinate in their designated area. 

Urine spots can be fixed by using a proper process — 

  1. Rake up all of the dead grass from the spot with a metal rake 
  2. Spread a high-quality grass seed meant for your city’s grass type. Never cheap out on grass seed – you’ll pay more in the long run!
  3. Put down a fresh new lawn soil and raking it in so the seeds are embedded within it 
  4. Watering these areas every day for 3 weeks. It will take 3 weeks for the seed to germinate and grow. 

A great package to choose to repair and minimize pet spots is the “St.Bernard” or “Great Dane” lawn care package with Yard Dawgs. 

Owning a dog and having a beautiful lush, green lawn free from urine spots requires extra work but the time spent with your pet enjoying your backyard oasis is worth it. 

Yard Dawgs focuses on treatments that are good for your lawn, our planet, and your family. Yard Dawgs is committed to using safe products for your lawn and your furry family members. Interested in learning more about Yard Dawgs services? Call us today for your free quote!

Yard Dawgs is committed to providing high-quality lawn care services in Calgary. Our mission from the start was to ensure that you get premium lawn care services from technicians who care. We have serviced over 1000 homes and commercial properties throughout Calgary, providing a wealth of services, including weed removal, lawn fertilization, power ranking, overseeding and weed control in Calgary. Our experienced team works year-round, ensuring that whenever you need our services, we’re ready to help you. Receive your free quote here.

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