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Soil Probe

Edmonton’s Elemental Sulfur Services

Elemental sulfur services play a major role in ensuring your lawns pH is neutralized so that your lawn can utilize the fertilizer nutrients efficiently. Currently in Alberta and Western Canada, soils tend to be extremely alkaline with a pH over 8.0. In Eastern Canada it’s the opposite, the lawns are must more acidic, and lawn care companies tend to use lime to help balance pH. The ideal range for pH is between 6.5 to 7.5, lawns between that pH level tend to be much greener and thicker. If you’re lawn suffers from a pH problem, we recommend treating it with Elemental Sulfur twice per season every year until the pH becomes a neutral level. It’s important to note that changing the pH significantly does take time since this is a biological process (slower) instead of a chemical process (much faster). Typically, within one or two years your lawns soil will reach the proper pH, dependant on what the pH was to start with.

What Is Elemental Sulfur?

The Elemental Sulfur is a granular application that covers your entire lawn. After application it’s important to water it in so that the Elemental Sulfur and water will become sulfuric acid (very strong acid) and that will be embedded into the soil to help in lowering the pH. As you can see in the picture, lawns with pH below 6 or above 8 have a very tough time growing. The soil pH is one of the most overlooked metric that rarely gets talked about but it’s critical to make sure your lawn is the best on the block. At Yard Dawgs, we recommend doing a soil test first before applying Elemental Sulfur, therefore you can see what the pH was beforehand and track the progress year over year. You can also see that maybe the pH is in the normal range and you don’t actually need the Elemental Sulfur.

Our Soil Testing Service

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Elemental Sulfur Program

  • 2 Treatments Elemental Sulfur
  • Treats Entire Lawn
  • 100% Organic

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Bio-Stimulant Package

  • 3 Treatments Sea Kelp
  • 2 Treatments Elemental Sulfur
  • Treats Entire Lawn
  • 100% Organic
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Elemental Sulfur Common Questions

You ask, we answer.

Elemental sulfur is required if your lawn just isn't growing the way you expect it too. We suggest getting a soil test before doing elemental sulfur since you'll be able to see if the pH is too. If the pH is over 8 then we recommend two treatments of elemental sulfur per season.

Yes. We recommend watering it in on the same day as the application. That was the sulfur can decompose, start to oxidize and neutralize the pH.

There are many benefits but the four main ones are:

  • Lowers soil pH level
  • Protects against diseases
  • Improves nutrient availability
  • Enhances colour

For lawns that have diseases like powdery mildew or ring spot, the product can really help out.

Elemental Sulfur
Elemental Sulfur For Your Lawn

At Yard Dawgs, we want the best for our customers and are excited to introduce Elemental Sulfur into our treatment programs this season. The Elemental Sulfur is apart of the signature Bio-Stimulant program that includes two rounds of sulfur and three round of sea kelp. It’s a great program and is included in all Great Dane purchases. Before diving into the Bio-Stimulant package, it’s important to make sure that you are still following the traditional fertilizer and weed control programs first as those will deliver all the key macronutrients your lawn needs. If you are interested in the Elemental Sulfur and Bio-Stimulant package please contact sales below and a team member will reach out to provide a free consultation.