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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Popular Questions


We don't know until one day beforehand, as that is when all our routes are scheduled. We do all the routes based on neighborhoods and route density. It depends on the weather, your service and some other factors. However, from when you book in, you can expect your first service within 5-10 days afterwards as a rough estimate.

Safety is our first priority: your loved ones, your property, and our employees. All of our products are approved and regulated by Health Canada. We follow all the guidelines and licensing requirements. We recommend staying off the lawn until the lawn has dried. Depending on if it's a dry or wet day, the time can vary. As a general timeframe, depending on weather, we recommend all kids and pets stay off the lawn for 12 hours after the treatment. For more information, please read our article here about weed control safety.

We have two ways of notifying our customers:
1. Email Before
2. Text Before

These notifications will be sent out one day prior to the treatment to give you a heads up in case you need to reschedule.

That's completely fine. Since the crews run during business hours, most of our clients are working during the day and are not home. Please make sure to keep the gate unlocked and the pets inside before you leave so our technician will have access to the front and back yard.

If it's a weather delay, we will notify you that we are not coming by and will postpone your service until the next workable day. If our crew is running behind and won't be able to make it to your property, we will notify you in advance and schedule you in for the following day.

Our Company Policies

Depending on the circumstances, it may be subjected to a 10% cancellation fee depending on the situation. 

For your convenience and since lawn services are recommend year to year, your services will automatically renew to the next season.

However, if you are not interested in services for the following season, or would like to cancel. Please just send us an email at support@yarddawgs.ca or call us at (587) 254-2337 and we will cancel the services for the next season at no cost.

We do our best to delight our customers throughout the season. At times, if you are still noticing weeds on your lawn or you're not happy for other reasons. Please email support@yarddawgs.ca or call us at (587) 254-2337 and we will resolve the issue for you.

Our prices are for lawns up to 1000 square feet. If your lawn is bigger, there may be slight price discrepancy. Typically corner lots, pie shape lots and acreages will see a significantly price increase. We do all our lawn measurements through Google Maps.

Yes! We scale our packages depending on the season. In August, there will be less services remaining so therefore the price will be less.

Aeration Services

Yes you do, when our pre-notification goes out and you are scheduled for aeration. Please mark your sprinklers with anything noticeable so that technician will see them. 

Any damages will not be covered if the sprinklers are unmarked during an aeration service.

No we don't, and we don't recommend doing it. Although they are ugly at the start, they recycle the soil and add a top dressing to your lawn to improve water retention. After about 2 weeks, they will start to decompose.

They can happen throughout the season as golf courses aerate 3-5 times per season. However, typically they are done in the spring or fall season.

A much higher germination rate. If seed is just placed on top of your lawn it will not be embedded into the soil and likely won't germinate. If it's placed into the soil because the aeration happened before, it will germinate at a much higher rate.

Weed Control

Yes they do! We are so confident in our weed control product, that if you need to call us back, we will return free of charge. Please note you need to reach out to us at either support@yarddawgs.ca or (587) 254-2337 for a support representative to add a free service call to your property.

Nope. The water will completely wash off the weed control and will not be effective. Please wait 12 hours to start watering again.

Yikes! Sometimes that happens if we get a sudden rainfall come our way. If that happens, we will automatically add a free service call and come re spray on the next workable day.

In the spring and in the fall. In the summer, the weed control isn't as effective. However, it will still be beneficial to do a spot treatment if required.


Absolutely! Water away. However, if the weed control happened at the same time as the fertilizer (depends on the technician and season) then hold off for 12 hours. You can check your email notifications to see what services we're done. We recommend you check out our blog on how to water your lawn for best results here.

It's a custom blended fertilizer, specifically designed for the Alberta climate. They are slow release and golf grade quality products.

It's not the best practice to do that with 24 hours of a fertilizer application. Since the mower or any heavy equipment can crack the fertilizer pellets and burn your lawn. After 24 hours of the application, feel free to cut the lawn again.

Yes it is, the fertilizer gets embedded into the soil since it's granular so it's very hard to access. If your dog has the habit of eating grass all the time, then maybe keep him off the lawn for 12 hours. For the weed control, we recommend staying off the lawn until it has dried or its been 12 hours since the application. You can read more about weed control safety here.

Mosquito Control

The season for mosquitoes stars middle of May and ends in August. Our product is effective for up to 21 days. Therefore our technicians are scheduled to return every 20-25 days, depending on the weather. Depending on when you book, it will typically be between 3 to 5 applications.

Very effective! We use a 100% natural solution that works! However, it won't prevent mosquitoes flying over from your neighbors or if you have lots of standing water on your property. Typically you can expect a reduction of 75% of mosquitoes for 21 days after the application.

If you book later in the season, in July or August for example. The minimum package is 2 applications