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Blog: 3 New Modern Landscape Ideas That You Didnt Know About [+ Where To Buy Them]

Blog: 3 New Modern Landscape Ideas That You Didn't Know About [+ Where To Buy Them]





Do you ever drive by a nice neighborhood and come across a beautifully landscaped yard? Only to wonder what the heck the product was and where to buy it? Then we follow up with the good old Google search to find out what it is. That usually doesn't work out either. In this blog, we walk through the Top 3 new landscape products that you likely didn't know about and hopefully can provide some good inspiration to you. Since the pandemic has arrived, it's reported up to 90% of people avoid leaving their house unless absolutely needed. Meaning that people spend a lot more time doing indoor or outdoor renovations. Being in the landscape industry for quite some time, I've come across some amazing new products that are affordable and relatively easy to install on a weekend. We will also go through the current options, and compare the pros and cons of each.

Let's begin!

Inspiration #1: Concrete Curbed Edging

When doing a landscaping project, there's almost always an area that needs a border. Usually between the lawn, garden beds, trees or rock garden, there usually needs to be something to separate the two. Currently, the most common solution currently is the plastic edging you can buy at Home Depot (see picture below). The problem with plastic edging is that after a few winter season, it contracts and expands with the temperature fluctuations. And usually needs to be replaced within 3 to 5 years. 

Pros of plastic edging:
-Affordable at $3/linear foot
-Easy to install
-Easily replaceable
-Looks good if installed properly

Cons of plastic edging:
-Needs to be replaced after 3-5 years
-With need maintenance every year to stay in place
-Short term solution


Black Plastic Edging


The new product that we recommend is called concrete curbing. This product has been around for about 10 years and has really taken off in the past couple of years for many reasons. They look similar to patio stones edging (sometimes referred to as mowing pavers). But it is actually concrete that has a dye to it and has a unique stamp. This product is perfect around garden beds, trees, rock gardens and anywhere else that needs a solid border that will last for a long time. Take a look at some of these pictures to see for yourself! 

Concrete curb 2



Concrete curb1


Conrete crub 3


The options are endless with the stamp designs and colors. What we really like about this product is the durability, beautiful designs and effectiveness of bordering off rock, mulch, trees etc. The price to have this installed is quite affordable, it ranges between $10-$12 per linear foot and usually comes with a good warranty. Some good companies in Calgary we recommend would be Creative Edges or Kwik Kurb.


Pros of Concrete Curbing:

-Extremely durable
-Aesthetically pleasing
-Wide variation of designs
-Relatively affordable
-Usually comes with a warranty


Cons of Concrete Curbing:
-Tough to replace
-More expensive then plastic edging

When compared to other options, such as plastic edging, river rocks, mowing pavers or wooden borders and weigh out the pros and cons. The concrete curb is definitely the best option, will last a long time and looks the best out of all the options.


Inspiration #2: Wooden Pavers by Barkman

The landscape supply company, Barkman, has released some pretty cool products in the past couple of years. Barkman supplies and manufactures tons of pre cast concrete pavers. They are used in some city sidewalks near the river and are usually the common choice among landscape contractors building patios. You can visit their website here for more inspiration about some outdoor landscape projects.

They recently came out with some new products, they are concrete pavers but they are stamped to look like wood. It has a very nice natural look to it and is often mistaken for actual wooden planks. Since it is concrete it is extremely durable and long lasting. Take a look at some of these pictures!


Wooden Pavers




Wooden pavers 3




Wooden pavers 4



Fun Fact: Some areas of the Kananaskis Nordic Spa uses Bridgewood in their landscaping around the pools and spas due to the natural look it has. 

Wooden pavers 2


Bridgewood can be purchased at a local landscape supply store such as CLS Landscape Supply, Burnco, SiteOne or Eagle Lake Landscape Supply. If you want to install it yourself, please make sure to do it properly or else it will be very expensive to re do it. If you want to do it yourself, this video is a good starting point to get some of the basics down of installing pavers yourself. The most important part is the foundation, making sure its fully compacted and it has minimum 4 inches of compacted base rock.


The cost to install pavers yourself will range between $7 to $11 per square foot of pavers. That should include all the equipment rentals, base rock, sand, edging etc. If you want to hire a professional to do the work for you, it will cost between $17 to $23 per square foot. The major factors that affect the cost is the type of pavers, the accessibility for heavy equipment, cuts around the edges and any major slopes to account for. For professional landscape companies in Calgary we recommend CLS Landscaping, Chinook Landscaping or Alpine Vista.


Inspiration #3: Bubbling Rock Water Feature


A waterfall? Isn't that going to cost tens of thousands of dollars to get?

They can! Some crazy cool waterfalls can cost up to a million dollars to install, check out this one below as an example!


However, to be more realistic, you can get a beautiful water features for less then $1500 if you do it yourself. The one we recommend for the Calgary climate are the bubbling rock for two reasons:
1. Minimal maintenance
2. Easy to install

The specialty rock, will recirculate the water from a water basin. The water gently overflows on the rock and cascades back down. All you need is a rock that has been drilled through, you can buy this at CLS Landscape, SiteOne or Burnco Landscape (call them before to verify there are some in stock) and usually come with a water feature kit. The install will take a couple days, but the end product is amazing. It makes for a perfect front entrance to welcome guests. It can be used anywhere though, it looks amazing with night lights and has a relaxing acoustic that makes the summer nights even more enjoyable. Check out the pictures below to see some examples!

Basalt water feature


Image result for bubbling rock fountain


Image result for bubbling rock fountain


Pretty nice hey? They are one of the most underrated landscape designs for a relatively low cost. Check out this video if you are interested in installing this yourself.



This project to be completed by a professional will cost anywhere between $1500 to $5000. Price depends on many factors including how many rocks, size of the rocks, the accessibility, surrounding landscapes and the excavation. Some good local contractors that we recommend is Babbling Brooks or Water Rock.

Hopefully this provided some great insight as to some awesome landscape ideas that you could implement this season. If you have any other ideas leave them in the comments below.

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