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Blog: 3 New Modern Landscape Ideas That You Didn't Know About [+ Where To Buy Them]


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Blog: How Much Should I Water My Lawn in Calgary? [Spring, Summer and Fall]

Best watering practices should always be specific to the region you are living in. If you are living in the Calgary, Alberta region, you have..

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Blog: How To Get Rid of Grassy Weeds in Canada [Tips That Actually Work]

Have you ever mowed your lawn and then look back a couple days later only to notice that some grass appears to grow faster than the rest of the..

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Blog: Yard Dawgs Lawn Care vs. The Competitors [An Unbias Comparison]

These days, everyone says they have the best customer service, unmatched quality of work, and focus entirely on the customer. Nowadays, this..

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Blog: How Do The Big 5 Lawn Care Companies Compare in Calgary?

Every year when spring rolls around, thousands of Calgarians need to find a provider to take care of their lawns. We estimate that over 75,000..

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Blog: The One Costly Mistake You’re Likely To Do When Storing Your Lawn Mower Over Winter

Every year when the temperatures become frigid in October or November, there is always one thing in the back of my mind that I keep..

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Blog: A Real Life Example of Hiring A Service Company The Proper Way!

Jane Parker lives in Calgary, Alberta, and wants an update to her bathroom. The tub is old, the tiling is chipping and out of date, and Jane..

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Blog: How To Kill Weeds Without Killing Your Lawn [Never Buy This!]

Having a beautiful lawn comes at a price. Either you spend a moderate amount of money (about $80-150) and spend a good amount of time doing it..

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Blog: 4 Best Ways To Have A Weed Free Lawn [Without Breaking The Bank]

Weeds on your lawn are like acne on your face; completely natural, yet we’d all prefer if they didn’t exist. A weed by definition, is any unwanted..

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Blog: Is Weed Control Safe For Your Kids and Pets?

In Canada, thousands of homeowners trust the services of lawn care professionals to give them a weed free and green lawn all season long...

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Lawn Score

Get Your Lawn Score!

Find out which package is right for you, between Pomeranian to the Great Dane there are many options. Take our quiz today to find out!

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Lawn IQ

Lawn Care IQ Quiz!

Put your lawn care knowledge to the test. Looking for a challenge? This is the quiz meant for you!

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Equipment Knowledge

Equipment Knowledge!

Think you know what an aerator looks like? Or what those 3 number of a fertilizer bag means? Take the quiz to find out!

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Weed Identification Knowledge

Weed Identification Knowledge!

Learn the difference between grassy and broadleaf weeds. Take the quiz to test your weed knowledge!

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Ultimate Guide to Weed Identification

Weed Identification eBook

Learn to identify the Top 15 weeds that are most likely in your lawn and how to eliminate them

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Ultimate Guide to Lawn Fertilization

Essential Guide to Lawn Fertilizer

Learn the best tips and tricks with everything to do with lawn fertilizer

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Ultimate Hiring Guide

7 Tips To Hire a Lawn Care Company

Here we outline the best insider tips to make sure you hire the best lawn care company this season!

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Ultimate Guide to Fall Lawn care

Essential Guide To Fall Lawn Care

Here we outline the best insider tips to make sure you follow the best lawn care tips for the fall season!

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