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Calgary Super Juice

Our Super Juice creates a strong foundation for your lawn. Grass isn’t just about water, fertilizer, and seeding. If the soil quality under your grass has problems it will stop your lawn from being as healthy as it can be. Soil is the foundation of your turf and it must be cared for just as much as each blade. Although it’s not easy to see without digging, it plays a major role in grass health. In general Calgary has poor soil conditions that aren’t idea for grass including:

- High amounts of clay
- Alkaline (pH above 7)
- Low soil carbon

What is Super Juice

Our Super Juice is an organic solution that was created to break down clay deposits, reduce the pH of your soil, and increase the carbon in your lawn.

This is an application that is paramount in improving the vitality and strength of your lawn’s soil.

Our super juice is developed by harvesting decaying plants and their microbes. Once formulated, it’s composed of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur which work together to be the main components of soil.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We’re committed to ensuring you’re pleased with your lawn. We’ll do what it takes to make you happy, whether that means fixing your problem or giving you a full refund.
You can count on our approach to lawn care to be extremely professional. We let you know before we arrive, and you’ll always know when we’ve come — not only will your lawn look great, but we also leave behind a brochure explaining what we’ve done.
As your friendly neighbourhood Yard Dawgs, we strive to build a loyal and lasting relationships with our clients. We are extremely attentive and caring, and we genuinely care about your lawn. We believe in going above and beyond to deliver quality every time.
We have four convenient packages available for you to choose from, but, if you require additional services, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Regardless of the size of your lawn or the state of your grass, we’ll do a doggone good job!
From getting the job done without compromising quality to being fully licensed and insured, we maintain a commitment to being the lawn care company you can count on. We always show up when we say we will with a prompt response to any inquiry.


We provide Super Juice with our St. Bernard and Great Dane packages. We apply Super Juice with the aeration and seeding services. With that said, Super Juice doesn’t need to be done with any other service to be effective

Although it’s not necessary, watering for 30 minutes with a sprinkler after an application with help the product work more quickly and effectively.

Our Super Juice is 100% organic which makes it completely safe for wildlife and humans. With that said, it’s beneficial to stay off the lawn for 12 hours after the application to ensure the product is absorbed properly and isn’t trailed by any footprints.


The benefits of our super juice include:

  • Improves nutrient uptake by grass roots
  • Increases chlorophyll production
  • Boosts levels of microbial activity in soil
  • Neutralizes pH of Alkaline soils
  • Breaks down dense clay found within soil
  • Improves soil texture and water retention