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Edmonton Lawn Fertilizer Services

Applying lawn fertilizer every season is critical to make sure your lawn stays is great shape every season. Our specialty here at Yard Dawgs is making sure the fertilizer is applied perfectly, accurately, and timely for lawns here in Edmonton. We use a special blended fertilizer specifically for Edmonton lawns that provide the perfect amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

With our packages, they all include lawn fertilizer throughout the season with an optional add-on of a winterizer right before the snow comes. Depending on when you book in the fertilizer treatments are typically spread 6 weeks apart with the first one being in April and May. To make sure your lawn stands out within Edmonton, we offer full season fertilizer service in spring, summer and fall so your lawn will always be fed the nutrients it needs.

As one of the leading lawn fertilizer companies in Calgary, we can transform your lawn for the better. Currently we service Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer for weed control.

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Premium Lawn Fertilizer Services

Think of fertilizer as food for your lawn, you can water and mow it all you want, but unless it gets the proper nutrients it won’t be growing much at all. In Edmonton, the typical grass type is Kentucky Bluegrass with a mix of Rye Grass. It’s important not to over apply fertilizer as during the hot summer months, too much nitrogen (key ingredient in fertilizer) can cause burn spots on that grass type. With Yard Dawgs, we want the best for your lawn, so we don’t apply fertilizer when temperatures exceed 30º Celsius and make sure we apply it at the perfect rate. Our spreader equipment is always being inspected for material output accuracy, so we know the exact amount we are putting down on your lawn. We can get your Edmonton lawn looking beautiful with our fertilizer services, talk to sales today if you’re interested in a complimentary quote.

Lawn Fertilizer Service
Our Guarantee
We stand 100% by our work and want to ensure you are thrilled with our services. If there is ever issue, we will make it right. Guaranteed
Why We're Different
Dedicated Technician
Each time we come to perform a service at your home, it will be the same technician. That technician will be familiar with your property, know what to watch out for and will always remember any special notes since he’s been there throughout the season. Gone are the days of being serviced my different technicians and having to worry that they may not recall what you mentioned the first time. With Yard Dawgs, you will have a dedicated service technician throughout the season.
Dedicated Success Manager
Tired of talking to different people and having to explain your situation over and over to them? We get it. That’s why with Yard Dawgs, each customer will have a dedicated customer success manager and have access to them whenever an issue arises. When you call in or send an email, you will always be talking to the same person, and they will go above and beyond to solve any issues or concerns you may have.
Headache Free Experience
Our focus is on making our customers the happiest on planet earth. And when issues come up, the customer expects to speak to a human, not an automated chat bot to solve their issues. That’s why we do everything in our power to make sure that all our customers have a frictionless headache free experience with us.

Lawn Fertilizer Common Questions

You ask, we answer.

We come once in spring (April till June), summer (July and August), and an optional winterizer treatment fall (September or October) to maintain a consistent fertilization program throughout the season. 

Yes! You are free to water right after it's been fertilized. However, please note if you received both the fertilizer and weed control at the same time you will have to hold off on watering until the weed control dries.

To check if both were applied at the same time, please refer to your pre and post service email.

Yes the fertilizer is pet and child friendly! However please note, that sometimes we also apply weed control at the same time, it is recommended that you, your children, and pets stay off the lawn until the weed control is fully dry.

To check if both were applied at the same time, please refer to your pre and post service email.

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Hiring a Lawn Fertilizer Company in Edmonton

With our headache free experience, once you book in, you will receive a pre-service and post-service email detailing the service and instructions afterwards. We will also leave a lawn sign on your lawn after each service so you will know that a technician has visited. Combining our premium fertilizer services with proper mowing and watering, your lawn is guaranteed to improve this season. Our team is fully committed to providing Edmonton lawns with the best premium service for lawn fertilizer treatments. We will ensure that no fertilizer pellets are left on sidewalks, driveways and walkways and will blow off any pellets afterwards. Contact a member of Yard Dawgs sales team today to see how we can fix your lawn for you.


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