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Get Your Lawn Score!

Find out which package is right for you, between Pomeranian to the Great Dane there are many options. Take our quiz today to find out!

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Lawn Care IQ Quiz!

Put your lawn care knowledge to the test. Looking for a challenge? This is the quiz meant for you!

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Equipment Knowledge!

Think you know what an aerator looks like? Or what those 3 number of a fertilizer bag means? Take the quiz to find out!

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Weed Identification Knowledge!

Learn the difference between grassy and broadleaf weeds. Take the quiz to test your weed knowledge!

Yard Dawgs eBook

Weed Identification eBook

Find out which package is right for you, between Pomeranian to the Great Dane there are many options. Take our quiz today to find out!

Yard Dawgs

Essential Guide to Lawn Fertilizer

Learn the best tips and tricks with everything to do with lawn fertilizer

Yard Dawgs

7 Tips To Hire a Lawn Care Company

Here we outline the best insider tips to make sure you hire the best lawn care company this season!

Yard Dawgs

Essential Guide To Fall Lawn Care

Here we outline the best insider tips to make sure you follow the best lawn care tips for the fall season!

Yard Dawgs eBook

Cost Of DIY vs. Hiring A Company

Here is a the breakdown comparison of the cost of doing lawn care yourself compared to hiring a company. The results are not what you think! Download now!

Yard Dawgs eBook

Comparison Between The Top 5 Lawn Care Companies

Find out how the top 5 lawn care companies compare. We will go over reviews, what they offer their customers,  how their products compare, and much more!

Yard Dawgs eBook

Transforming Your Backyard Landscape

If you enjoy hosting then this eBook is perfect for you. Inside, discover eight ways to transform your backyard. From a backyard bar to a water garden, we cover it all!

Yard Dawgs eBook

Combatting Weeds With Lawn Care

Understand how lawn care services combat weed growth in your lawn. We will go over fertilizer, aeration, and the Yard Dawgs weed control.

Yard Dawgs eBook

DIY Dog Run Area For Your Yard

In order to combat the yellow patches of grass in your lawn from your dog's urine, build a dog run area for your pet. This will benefit both your dog and your grass!


How To Repair A Lawn After Chinch Bug Damage

When Does Chinch Bug Damage Appear? After the first bout of extremely hot weather, chinch bug damage often appears. If there is living grass...

How To KILL Chinch Bugs Before They DESTROY Your Lawn

The silent killers from the East have unfortunately found their way to the West. The hairy, black, white and orange spotted insect known as the...

How To Control Weeds In Lawn

When To Put Weed Control On Lawn

Chinch Bugs: The Pests That Will Annihilate Your Lawn

“I could look down into the thatch and see 30-40 of them in a 1’ x 1’ area.” Only a handful of lawn pests have the capacity to completely...

How To Repair Lawn Damaged By Dog Urine

Your dog’s urine is killing your lawn because of the nitrogen content in their pee. Applying excess amounts of nitrogen to your grass will cause the...

How And When To Apply Fertilizer

Like most aspects of lawn care, fertilization should be completed during a certain season or time of the year to ensure the best results. Here in...

The Best Fertilizer Products To Buy At A Local Hardware Store

Our customer base may not be the DIY-ers, but we do get asked about that side of lawn care a fair amount. Fertilizers purchased at a hardware store...

How To Get Rid Of Clover In Your Lawn

What Is Clover?

Lawn Care Tips For Each Season [+Equipment Needed]

Depending on the task you are tackling, the equipment you’ll need to use may require a rental or it may be as simple as heading to your garden shed....

How To Kill Weeds Without Killing Your Lawn [Never Buy This!]

Having a beautiful lawn comes at a price. Either you spend a moderate amount of money (about $80-150) and spend a good amount of time doing it...

Lawn Transformations
Cheat Sheets
Yard Dawgs Cheat Sheet

Essential Lawn Mowing Guide

Discover the best mowing practices to keep your grass strong and healthy throughout the year!

Yard Dawgs Cheat Sheet

Essential Watering Guide

This Cheat Sheet gives you seasonal best practices for watering your lawn. Plus checklists, tips and tricks!

Yard Dawgs Infographic

Super Juice Infographic

This infographic details everything you need to know about the Yard Dawgs Super Juice treatment: what you need to know, benefits of the treatment, and after care.