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4 Ways to Prevent Your Lawn From Drying Out

Now that we are nearing the end of June 2020, the months of July and August typically comprise of less rain and more sun. While this is great news for your vacation plans, this is a dangerous time for your lawn. If you’ve spent May and June trying to set up your lawn to have a green, weed-free season, it’s important you implement some precautions to ensure it has as great of a summer as you’re planning to!

1. Mow frequently, and mow properly.

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For a quick crash course on how and when to mow your lawn, please check out our other blog on how to Mow Your Lawn. During the summer months, your lawn is shifting its focus from “growth” mode to “maintenance” mode. This means your lawn is just trying to stay healthy and green. While we recommend mowing your lawn every 7-10 days during the Spring, we do recommend mowing your lawn every 10-12 days going forward in the summer.

Do not get behind as it’s important to never mow the lawn more than ⅓ the current length. As an example, if your lawn is 3 inches long, the shortest you should cut it for that round is down to 2 inches. Cutting off any additional length may put your lawn into stress and browning may occur. Make sure you’re using sharpened blades when you cut (sharpen them yearly) and change the direction in which you mow each time. If you’re going on a holiday this summer, do yourself (and your neighbours) a favour and hire a company for a one time mow. This typically costs $40-60 for a lawn up to 3,000 sqft. Just make sure they have strong Google reviews and are insured!

2. Ensure the nutrients are present for the summer

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Your summer fertilizer program should consist of a healthy ratio of nitrogen to potassium. The three numbers (10-0-6) you see on your fertilizer bag represent the nutrients Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K).  For the summer months, we recommend a 24-0-8 ratio while in the spring it’s more of a 40-0-0 ratio. There’s no need to have a fertilizer with the middle number, phosphorus, until the fall as the primary purpose of this element is to help with root growth.

The fertilizer your purchase at the store, even if it’s the premium brand, more often than not still falls short of the quality available to commercial lawn care companies. It’s always worth the money to pay for a quality fertilizer program from a certified, established company. Stay away from companies that offer “one-off” fertilizer applications or cheap quick applications with their other services. Just as you would never go to a general practitioner for your heart surgery, you should never get fertilizing done from a non-fertilizer niche company. To find a good service provider in your city, simply google “Fertilizer and weed control program” along with the name of your city. Choose a company that has strong google reviews (4.7+), over 30 reviews, and is a local, non-franchise owned entity. Support local! 

3. Keep up with a watering schedule 

It’s going to get hot this summer! It’s important to not let your lawn burn and keep hydrated. You need to water your lawn more often in the summer than in the Fall and Spring. It’s more valuable to your lawn to water it more thoroughly, and less frequently. Instead of watering it for 10 minutes every day, you should be watering for 30 minutes, three times a week. Please refrain from watering during the middle of the day as the majority of this water gets evaporated.

4. Sea Kelp and Grass Seed

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You cannot seed your lawn enough. Whether it’s through a company, or from your hardware store, it’s important to add new life into your lawn often. Along with the fertilizer, you get what you pay for. A grass seed you buy for 50% cheaper than the premium brand will need to be spread at a rate of 300% the regular rate. This means you’re paying less, but need to apply way more to see the same effect. Sea Kelp is a great product applied by lawn care companies at a reasonable price. Think of this like “Sunscreen for your lawn” to help your lawn benefit from the sun without burning. You can expect a company to charge $70-100 per application for this service but it’s well worth your money.

Here in Canada, our summer’s are short but very sweet. It’s important to enjoy this beautiful time with your family and friends. If any of these steps are out of your comfort zone, or simply don’t seem that appealing to you, there are plenty of companies in your city ready to help. The best keyword to typically google is “weed control Calgary”, for example, because the company that shows up will be very certified with fertilizer and weed control treatments to enjoy a green, weed-free lawn all summer. If you’re just looking for mowing services, “Lawn care Calgary” is a great keyword to use as well. Take a break instead of breaking a sweat this season with these tips and enjoy the beauty an immaculate lawn creates for your property!

Yard Dawgs is committed to providing high-quality lawn care services in Calgary. Our mission from the start was to ensure that you get premium lawn care services from technicians who care. We have serviced over 1000 homes and commercial properties throughout Calgary, providing a wealth of services, including weed removal, lawn fertilization, power ranking, overseeding, and weed control in Calgary. Our experienced team works year-round, ensuring that whenever you need our services, we’re ready to help you. Receive your free quote here.

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