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Calgary's Premium Vegetation Control Services

When weeds and other unwanted plants are growing outside of your lawn, our Vegetation Control is for you! 

The weed control in our programs is designed to kill weeds within your lawn. If you have the same weeds growing outside your lawn like patio stones, driveway, rock beds or back alley area then Vegetation Control is a great option. We use the exact same spray in our lawn weeds control but the technician will also spray any areas that are needed. Please note that this vegetation control will not kill any grass or grassy weeds growing inside your lawn. This spray is only meant to control weeds outside your lawn.

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What is Vegetation Control?

Vegetation control happens when weeds spread from your lawn to hardscaped surfaces like your patio stones, sidewalks, driveways, rock gardens and back alleys. Once the weeds start to germinate, they can become tough to manage just like the weeds within your lawn.

This service utilizes the same spray and chemicals, except the technicians will spray any hardscapes areas that have weeds growing within them. This service will not kill any grass or grassy weeds since it's the same product used on your lawn. Once the area has been treated with vegetation control, the weeds will start to brown and twist within 3-7 days. After that has happened the weeds are dying and you can start to pull them away if you wish. If you are interested in booking a vegetation control package, please contact our sales team below or fill out the form.

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Our Guarantee
We stand 100% by our work and want to ensure you are thrilled with our services. If there is ever issue, we will make it right. Guaranteed
Why We're Different
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48-Hour Guarantee
We are invested in making sure your lawn is as green and weed-free as possible all season long. That means if you notice any weeds popping up in between regularly scheduled weed control applications, we will come out to do a re-spray within 48-hours completely free of charge. With Yard Dawgs you don't have to worry about controlling weeds, we'll do it for you. 
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Dedicated Technician
Each time we come to perform a service at your home, it will be the same technician. That technician will be familiar with your property, know what to watch out for and will always remember any special notes since he’s been there throughout the season. Gone are the days of being serviced my different technicians and having to worry that they may not recall what you mentioned the first time. With Yard Dawgs, you will have a dedicated service technician throughout the season.
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Dedicated Success Manager
Tired of talking to different people and having to explain your situation over and over to them? We get it. That’s why with Yard Dawgs, each customer will have a dedicated customer success manager and have access to them whenever an issue arises. When you call in or send an email, you will always be talking to the same person, and they will go above and beyond to solve any issues or concerns you may have.

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Commonly Asked Questions

You Ask, We Answer

You may start seeing results in as early as 3 days, however results may take 2 full weeks for the weeds to fully die off.

If the unwanted vegetation was covered and undisturbed for 2 hours after the application, rain shouldn’t cause the application to become ineffective.

There are several factors that may come into play if the application doesn’t yield the results you’re hoping for. If the vegetation doesn’t cease growing and begin to wither after two weeks, please let us know and we will further diagnose the issue. If needed, we will reapply product at no additional charge.

For maximum effectiveness and to avoid skin irritation we recommend pets and children stay off and out of the treated areas until the plant is dry which is typically between 6 to 12 hours. 

Nope, we utilize the same chemicals in lawn weed control for this service. So it will only kill any unwanted weeds growing through. 

Most likely not, if the weeds and vegetation is over 1 foot tall. We recommend you look into landscaping your area with commercial grade landscape fabric. That landscaping fabric will stop weeds, grass and other vegetation from growing through. This service works best for weeds under 1 foot tall. To watch a video on how to install commercial grade landscape fabric, click here.

Weeds In Patio Stones

Benefits of Vegetation Control in Calgary

There are many benefits of vegetation control service but the main ones in Calgary are:

  • Controls unwanted and unsightly plants
  • Protects your investment in landscaping
  • Enhances your properties curb appeal
  • Ensures the plant doesn’t grow back even without removing the entire root
  • Effective control while being environmentally conscious

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