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Super Juice spreader

Calgary Super Juice Lawn Service

Our Super Juice in Calgary creates a strong foundation for your lawn. Grass isn’t just about water, fertilizer, and seeding. If the soil quality under your grass has problems it will stop your lawn from being as healthy as it can be. Soil is the foundation of your turf and it must be cared for just as much as each blade. Although it’s not easy to see without digging, it plays a major role in grass health. In general Calgary has poor soil conditions that aren’t ideal for grass including:

  • High amounts of clay
  • Alkaline (pH above 7)
  • Low soil carbon

Leave it to the pros at Yard Dawgs to help you out with that. We have the perfect granular treatment with our Super Juice that will help correct those conditions.


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What is Super Juice

Our Super Juice is an organic solution that was created to break down clay deposits, lower the pH of your soil, and increase the carbon in your lawn.

This is an application that is paramount in improving the vitality and strength of your lawn’s soil.

Our super juice is developed by harvesting decaying plants and their microbes. Once formulated, it’s composed of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur which work together to be the main components of soil.

Our Guarantee
We stand 100% by our work and want to ensure you are thrilled with our services. If there is ever issue, we will make it right. Guaranteed
Why We're Different
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48-Hour Guarantee
We are invested in making sure your lawn is as green and weed-free as possible all season long. That means if you notice any weeds popping up in between regularly scheduled weed control applications, we will come out to do a re-spray within 48-hours completely free of charge. With Yard Dawgs you don't have to worry about controlling weeds, we'll do it for you. 
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Dedicated Technician
Each time we come to perform a service at your home, it will be the same technician. That technician will be familiar with your property, know what to watch out for and will always remember any special notes since he’s been there throughout the season. Gone are the days of being serviced my different technicians and having to worry that they may not recall what you mentioned the first time. With Yard Dawgs, you will have a dedicated service technician throughout the season.
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Dedicated Success Manager
Tired of talking to different people and having to explain your situation over and over to them? We get it. That’s why with Yard Dawgs, each customer will have a dedicated customer success manager and have access to them whenever an issue arises. When you call in or send an email, you will always be talking to the same person, and they will go above and beyond to solve any issues or concerns you may have.

Commonly Asked Questions

We Ask, You Answer

We provide Super Juice with our St. Bernard and Great Dane packages. We apply Super Juice in the spring and fall season as a granular treatment. Once it's watered in it dissolves in microgranules and disperses into the soil.

Yes, watering for 30 minutes with a sprinkler after an application with help the product work more quickly and effectively. The Super Juice is black granules and once watered they will disappear quickly.

Our Super Juice is 100% organic which makes it completely safe for wildlife and humans. With that said, it’s beneficial to stay off the lawn for 12 hours after the application to ensure the product is absorbed properly and isn’t trailed by any footprints.

Super Juice in soil

The Benefits Of Super Juice in Calgary

There are many benefits to our Super Juice application in Calgary, the main benefits are:

  • Improves areas under pine tree damage
  • Breaks down clay into usable soil for your lawn
  • Boosts levels of microbial activity in soil
  • Neutralizes pH of Alkaline soils

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