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Calgary Lawn Fertilizer

Premium Calgary Lawn Fertilizer Services

Fertilizing your lawn can be a challenge. Why not leave it to the talented team at Yard Dawgs? Lawn fertilizer can help your grass grow greener and more luscious, and we love nothing more than making your yard beautiful. At Yard Dawgs, lawn fertilizer and weed control is what we do best! It's our primary focus and we have mastered this craft.

We can help your lawn look stunning all season long. When you sign-up for one of our packages, you’ll receive consistent treatments and quality care from May till September. We use a slow release fertilizer that gives your lawn a constant and beautiful green all season.

As one of the leading lawn fertilizer companies in Calgary, we can transform your lawn for the better. Leave it to the pros at Yard Dawgs this season!

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Premium Lawn Fertilizer Services

You can get your lawn fertilized all season long with Yard Dawgs. Unlike other lawn fertilizer companies in Alberta, we offer our services in spring, summer, and fall, so your lawn can stay healthy and look fantastic longer. Our primary focus is on residential lawns applying lawn fertilizer and weed control.

We customize our approach to make sure that your lawn gets the fertilizer it deserves. We take a look at your lawn’s grass type, soil quality, and growing conditions so that we can use the right product.

We want your lawn to be the best on the block so we make sure that we choose a slow release top notch product similar to what golf courses use. Since we want the best for your lawn, we do not use cheap fertilizers from Walmart. We use premium grade that gets your lawn the best results.

We can get your lawn looking thick and green, from May to September, with our lawn fertilizer services in Calgary.

Lawn Fertilizer Service
Our Guarantee
We stand 100% by our work and want to ensure you are thrilled with our services. If there is ever issue, we will make it right. Guaranteed
Why We're Different
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48-Hour Guarantee
We are invested in making sure your lawn is as green and weed-free as possible all season long. That means if you notice any weeds popping up in between regularly scheduled weed control applications, we will come out to do a re-spray within 48-hours completely free of charge. With Yard Dawgs you don't have to worry about controlling weeds, we'll do it for you. 
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Dedicated Technician
Each time we come to perform a service at your home, it will be the same technician. That technician will be familiar with your property, know what to watch out for and will always remember any special notes since he’s been there throughout the season. Gone are the days of being serviced my different technicians and having to worry that they may not recall what you mentioned the first time. With Yard Dawgs, you will have a dedicated service technician throughout the season.
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Dedicated Success Manager
Tired of talking to different people and having to explain your situation over and over to them? We get it. That’s why with Yard Dawgs, each customer will have a dedicated customer success manager and have access to them whenever an issue arises. When you call in or send an email, you will always be talking to the same person, and they will go above and beyond to solve any issues or concerns you may have.

Lawn Fertilizer Common Questions

You ask, we answer.

We come once in spring (April till June), summer (July and August), and an optional winterizer treatment fall (September or October) to maintain a consistent fertilization program throughout the season. 

Yes! You are free to water right after it's been fertilized. However, please note if you received both the fertilizer and weed control at the same time you will have to hold off on watering until the weed control dries.

To check if both were applied at the same time, please refer to your pre and post service email.

Yes the fertilizer is pet and child friendly! However please note, that sometimes we also apply weed control at the same time, it is recommended that you, your children, and pets stay off the lawn until the weed control is fully dry.

To check if both were applied at the same time, please refer to your pre and post service email.

Lawn Care Fertilizer:
A Complete Guide

Lawn Fertilizer Companies

Hiring a Lawn Fertilizer Company in Calgary

If you’re sick and tired of having a brown lawn during the summer, contact Yard Dawgs. If you'd like to see a before and after with our fertilizer, checkout our case study here. We are committed to making sure your lawn looks full and green for as long as possible.

We’ll take all the stress off your shoulders and will manage all aspects of your lawn care. Once we confirm your appointment, we arrive at your home and explain our fertilization process. We are attentive to all your requirements and always maintain a high level of professionalism.

Our competitive prices are not to be confused to a lack of quality and results — we want green grass to be accessible for all Calgarians. If your lawn isn’t responding well to the fertilizer treatment, we will make it right for you.

Enjoy the benefits of an experienced and passionate lawn care team. From fertilization to weed control, there is nothing we can’t do for you.

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