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Lawn Aeration
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Reduce soil compaction, remove excessive thatch layers, eliminate weeds, encourage healthy roots, and stimulate growth with our lawn aeration in Calgary! Yard Dawgs has been keeping customers’ lawns healthy and dynamic for years with our comprehensive lawn aeration service. 

Since our early beginnings, we have aerated thousands of lawns throughout Calgary and surrounding areas. Our detailed process and accuracy ensure that we deliver high-quality results for our clients. By aerating your yard, we can relieve soil compaction and thatch buildup in the turf, ensuring that your lawn grows healthy. 

Our records prove that we are committed to delivering a high-quality service for our customers. You can be part of that successful line-up by letting us aerate your lawn.

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What is Core Lawn Aeration?

Core lawn aeration is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn. It is a vital component of any lawn care treatment, resulting in grass that is healthy, thick, and robust, even after the freezing temperatures and snow of winter.

Lawn aeration involves the removal of small cores of soil and thatch from the grass using an aerator. The cores will eventually decompose while their removal will open up your lawn, stimulating new turf growth and increasing the impact of fertilization. 

Yard Dawgs is ready to help get your lawn restored to its best after the harshness of winter. Lawn aeration is most effective between the middle of April to the end of May, and at the beginning of September. 

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Lawn Package
$ 154
  • Season Long Fertilizer
  • Season Long Weed Control
  • Detailed Lawn Reports
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Lawn Package
$ 219
  • Season Long Fertilizer
  • Season Long Weed Control
  • Core Aeration
  • Detailed Lawn Reports
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Lawn Package
$ 319
  • Season Long Fertilizer
  • Season Long Weed Control
  • Core Aeration
  • Custom Seeding
  • Super Juice Application
  • Detailed Lawn Reports
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Lawn Package
$ 484
  • Season Long Fertilizer
  • Season Long Weed Control
  • Core Aeration (2 applications)
  • Custom Seeding (3 applications)
  • Super Juice Application (3 applications)
  • Detailed Lawn Reports
POMERANIAN Lawn Package GOLDEN RETRIEVER Lawn Package ST. BERNARD Lawn Package GREAT DANE Lawn Package
Starting atStarting atStarting atStarting at
Season Long Fertilizer
Season Long Weed Control
Core Aeration
Custom Seeding
Super Juice Application

* Prices for lawns up to 1000 sq ft. We will notify you by phone call if there is a price discrepancy.

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We’re committed to ensuring you’re pleased with your lawn. We’ll do what it takes to make you happy, whether that means fixing your problem or giving you a full refund.

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You can count on our approach to lawn care to be extremely professional. We let you know before we arrive, and you’ll always know when we’ve come — not only will your lawn look great, but we also leave behind a brochure explaining what we’ve done.

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As your friendly neighbourhood Yard Dawgs, we strive to build a loyal and lasting relationships with our clients. We are extremely attentive and caring, and we genuinely care about your lawn. We believe in going above and beyond to deliver quality every time.

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We have four convenient packages available for you to choose from, but, if you require additional services, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Regardless of the size of your lawn or the state of your grass, we’ll do a doggone good job!

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From getting the job done without compromising quality to being fully licensed and insured, we maintain a commitment to being the lawn care company you can count on. We always show up when we say we will with a prompt response to any inquiry.


It is recommended that you water your lawn in the morning with about 1 inch of water per week. We also recommend fewer heavy watering sessions and more shorter sessions

No, we don’t remove the cores after the aeration. The cores will eventually decompose (between two to three weeks) and become a fresh layer of new soil that will help stimulate root growth and yield greener grass.

Yes it is! Aeration is great to do in the rain since your lawn will be less compacted and the aerator can penetrate deeper. As long as there is no snow, we can do the job for you.

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The Benefits of
Lawn Aeration in Calgary

Don’t let the winter ruin your lawn. Through our lawn aeration service, we can ensure your grass gets the water and nutrients it needs to keep growing. We know that some services can be difficult to understand, which is why we provide you with a detailed breakdown of the work we complete — we want you to have full confidence in the services you receive. 

As part of our commitment to quality, we ensure every square foot of your lawn is covered when we apply our services, especially aeration. Aeration is affordable, but if you aren’t satisfied with the results, we offer a satisfaction guarantee, offering to either fix your lawn or refund your money.  

Lawn aeration in Calgary is hugely beneficial for homeowners and is one of our most commonly ordered services. Whether part of one of our packages or alongside another service, like power raking, lawn aeration can make the difference for your yard this season.