Vegetation Control

Vegetation Control

Calgary's Premium Vegetation Control Services

Yard Dawgs Lawn Care is here to support all of your vegetation control needs including; pathways, rock sidings, and back alleys. If you’re frustrated with weeds growing in hard to reach places, contact Yard Dawgs for professional assistance! 

The three main reasons you need vegetation control are aesthetic, health, and safety of desired vegetation. With Yard Dawgs safe and effective vegetation control processes, you can ensure your lawn is getting the best care and you, your family, and furry friends, will be taken care of as well! 

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Vegetation Control | Pesky Weeds Calgary
Vegetation Control Calgary | Yard Dawgs Lawn Caree
Vegetation Control Calgary | Yard Dawgs Lawn Care Calgary

What is Vegetation Control?

Weeds and unwanted plants often grow in between the cracks of patio stones, rock sidings in between homes, and back alleys. These areas have weeds that are stronger than the typical dandelion in your lawn; their roots have a more complex structure and have built strength growing in areas that aren’t ideal for growth. 

Yard Dawgs’ solution to complex weeds includes using methods and products that are effective and safe for everyone. We truly care about the health and safety of your children, pets, and our lawn care technicians.

Instead of using the conventional “RoundUp” non-selective herbicide (which is a dangerous product to use), we use a strong acidic solution known as agricultural vinegar. This product kills the vegetation from the leaves to the roots and ensures they do not continue to grow.

Within 5 – 10 days they will wither and become discoloured. Once the weed has died, you are able to pull them.

Vegetation Control

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Vegetation Control | Pesky Weeds Calgary

The Benefits of
Vegetation Control in Calgary

Don’t let the weeds ruin your lawn! Through our vegetation control service, we can ensure those pesky weeds are removed from locations on your property to maintain a lush, green scenery. 

Growing vegetation can damage your property including driveways, fences or patios, therefore, you will want to eliminate this vegetation before any further growth. You will not only maintain beautiful scenery but establish a basis of cost-savings. 

Contact Yard Dawgs Lawn Care for professional support when removing vegetation on your property. Call us today for your free quote!